Marriage is an occasion worth celebrating. Weddings should be the most fun ever!

As a celebrant, Jackie Brown provides you with a vast selection of different vows, readings and poetry for you to choose from in order to make your ceremony your own personal inspiration.

Jackie is married to her zany and artistic husband; award winning photographer Steve Brown. They work both independently or together as a Photographer and Celebrant team for Bay of Plenty Weddings.

Jackie prefers to facilitate the wedding like an MC rather than a script writer. She won't always read word for word from her notes, unless the situation calls for it...like your vows, or a poem or a reading.

She believes that the ceremony transforms how we perceive life's most important times. The words and rituals chosen to celebrate a milestone reflect our personal beliefs and values. Her role as a wedding ceremony designer and writer is to help her clients create ceremonies that meet their needs at times of transition in their lives.

Who is Jackie Brown?

Jackie Brown is enthusiastic, easy to please, and a little bit funky...when you ask her to jump she asks, “How high!?”

She loves her music, dog, children, and especially her wonderful husband, Steve Brown. She has been fortunate enough to have moved from London to beautiful Tauranga, in the Bay of Plenty.

Jackie discovered a new pathway in her own life's journey and fell in love with the idea of becoming a celebrant. At weddings, she celebrates the stories of how couples met and fell in love. It is a deep privilege to share and help shape such an important celebration in life.

Jackie has a personality, she was born with it; her friends and family encourage it. She likes to smile, hanging out with people and making a difference in people’s lives.

Jackie Brown is a celebrant no one forgets.

Contact her today, she'd love to have a chat and discuss your ideas with you.


I travel anywhere within the North Island: Tauranga, Auckland, Rotorua, Hawkes Bay, White Island...
If you want me there, I'll be there!

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I will travel anywhere, whether it be on a sandy beach, on a boat, in the comfort of your own backyard, in the native bush, a hot air balloon, a chapel or anywhere else your heart desires.
I will go that extra mile e.g helping the bride to reach her fiancée on White Island and doing the entire ceremony in hard hats and a breathing apparatus it was an interesting look!
I promise to make your wedding day rock...



One of the very special and unique services I do is to write your ceremony based on your personalities. I entwine your stories together into your wedding ceremony to create an intimate connection between you both and your guests. Your story creates a whole roller coaster of emotions from laughter & tears to surprise & passion. Hand on heart every ceremony has guests coming up at the end to say it was the best they had been to....can’t get better than that!



When two people ask me to marry them, they’ve already made the commitment to each other before they ever met me. I believe the best wedding vows on the planet are real honest words from the heart that you thought of yourself. They’re not a show, they’re a confession, promises to each other…they are the words that remain when you throw all of your other stuff side.
Don’t get me wrong I will give you lots of examples; I will never leave you dangling!

Jackie Brown


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